Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hearing (And Best Friends)

So, the hearing was Monday. In case you were wondering, I decided NOT to go with a cape. I was tempted to combine a red power pairing with a blue power pairing for a truly Wonder Woman-ish experience, but in the end went straight with blue. I know. You were just dying to know.

Because the divorce was uncontested, this was a hearing before an attorney authorized by the court to run the hearing. And, because it was uncontested and I filed, only my attorney, my witness and I needed to attend. X and his attorney did not... and yet, they did. My attorney was sure that X wouldn't bother to attend. But I knew better. And sure enough, while my witness, M, and I were sitting in the lobby waiting on my attorney, X walked through the door. I hadn't seen him since he moved out, exactly 13 months ago. We've spoken a handful of times on the phone- recently even civilly- yet he said nothing to me when he walked in. He said hello to M and asked how she was, but that was it. It was really awkward.

X's attorney was a half hour late, so we all sat uncomfortably in the waiting room while my attorney and M made small talk about pee wee football. When we finally went in, the hearing lasted maybe 10 minutes. X said nothing. When it was over, he said good bye to M. I said good bye as he was leaving, but I'm not sure he even responded. It was quite surreal. Anyway, I'm not officially divorced yet- the judge still has to sign the paperwork- but that should be final within about 10 days.

M and I grabbed some lunch after. She needed to vent about her recent visit from her mother-in-law. And I just needed time to, I don't know, not be by myself. It's weird. When I saw him, I felt nothing. Well, maybe a little anxiety. But no hate, no anger, no tug, no anything. Almost no recognition. It was just so odd. I've got things to say about this, but not at the moment.

Anyway, M and I were room mates in college when X and I started dating. X and I went out with M and some other friends the night we got engaged. M was in our wedding party. And M was one of the first friends I told that my marriage was over. Seemed only fitting to have her at my divorce. I lost a lot of "friends" in this divorce. But I got to keep the best ones.

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